The Market

The development of the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency industry is unstoppable, with a total Market Cap of nearly $4T proving the enthusiasm and interest of people worldwide whether to invest or to use the sophisticated technology.

However, our initial focus is the Southeast Asian market and we have quite a few networks that we can use to facilitate market communication with Investors, partners, and other acquaintances in the blockchain industry. This will make it easier to carry out meetings between brands and communities regularly held in Indonesia, allowing them to be held in the nearest Southeast Asian country.

Next, we will focus on Asian markets where the Asian blockchain market is vast and well-educated in the blockchain industry.

Finally, we are reaching out further to achieve projects that require our features in the Global market. Of course, we will continue to improvise to improve our STRT button dApp.

VC's / Community Driven VC

Helping VC's fundraise for their community/members on the STRT Button platform, by providing a dashboard for purchasing tokens, token vesting, and until the claim dashboard... so every VC doesn't have to bother with other technical matters.

Startup Owner / Project Creator

Helping project owners in terms of initial technical matters to fundraising, so that project owners only focus on developing their own projects.


A solution for launchpad owners who want to distribute tokens but don't have their own claim dashboard, then our Airdrop Generator & Vesting Dashboard is the solution.

IDO Investor

Stressful to find various types of projects on various blockchain networks, because we will combine all blockchain ecosystems in our 1 STRT Button platform, starting from selecting projects, purchasing portals, to claiming portals.

And now, through our STRT Button Private Pool, every retail and a public investor can participate in the early stage/private stage allocation of projects, so that will be a mutual benefit between retail investors and project owners.

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