Key Features

We have created various features and the latest products to complement the needs of the ecosystem on the STRT Button platform, such as:

Smart Contract Generator

It requires no programming skills and is a very effective way to enter the world of web3, especially when building blockchain projects. You need to start creating tokens and marketing campaigns and create a blockchain project with all smart contracts. You don't necessarily have a team with the knowledge and ability to create smart contracts. So we can help you from here.

EVM Multi-Chain Ecosystem

There are six chains: Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Harmony, Avalanche, and Phantom. Why these 6 chains? Because the chains are the most widely used in the Web3 ecosystem. So what does EVM mean? Known as the Ethereum Virtual Machine, his EVM presence in the blockchain is well known and easy for everyone to use. Initial development uses BSC, a faster and better-known chain.

VIP Access Feature

Features that are specially prepared for VIP members, with the condition that they must have STRT tokens and locked STRT tokens. VIP members will also get Passive Rewards.

T&C for VIP Members

Fundraising Solution

It consists of centralized and decentralized fundraising. Centralized fundraising will be carried out with a well-known Launchpad and has a vast community. You can use this feature to do fundraising for private to public sales. With a collaboration that will be supported by the STRT Button to do networking until fundraising ($10,000 - $100,000). Of course, the project will be filtered again so that it gets a quality and reliable project. The network provided also includes Investors, Exchanges, KOLs, Marketing, and other details.

Early Stage Investment

We also help quality projects reach out to investors entering the early stages of investment. Especially for projects that have passed KYC from the STRT Button.

STRT Network

STRT Button will connect and share our network, connection, and partner we have with all ecosystems under the STRT Button, such as our VCs / backers, partners, launchpad partners, CEX partners, agencies, KOLs, media, market making, and others cause we believe everyone has their own opportunity to develop and succeed in the Web3 industry

And also we will "Incubate or Accelerate" several well-qualified projects in order to get an "Early Stage" allocation and bring it to VIP members of STRT Button


  • Create Token "Simple Token"

  • Create Token "Advance Token" (burn, mint, pause, blacklist, deflation)

  • Create Token Vesting

  • Create "Instant" Airdrop

  • Create "Reusable" Airdrop

  • Independent Token Sale Pool

  • Create Staking Pool

  • NFT Minter

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