Key Features

We have created various features and the latest products to complement the needs of the ecosystem on the STRT Button platform, such as:

Independent Dashboard

The freedom to use our platform to build your Blockchain project starts from Create Token, Do Airdrop, Create Smart Contract, Create Token Sale Pool to Raise Fund and everything you can do independently without any third-party intervention

Multi-Chain Ecosystem

By implementing multi-chain technology in one STRT Button platform, to get a strong community and quality of web3 ecosystem. Binance Smart Chain will be our first network development and followed by Matic, Ethereum, Avalanche, Fantom, Harmony, and other EVM compatible blockchains.

VIP Space

VIP Space is the place for our VIP member that has many advantages just by LOCK $STRT Token. The advantages are being able to participate in PRIVATE IDO from several Early Stage Projects, participating in voting in the Governance System, and last but not least you are able to get Passive Rewards.
Fairness Mechanism
""Tier" systems were old and uncomfortable for retail investors, especially for beginners, so we implemented the concept of "Fairness Mechanism" on Private Pool, the more $STRT tokens you lock, the higher your spending limit, and the more passive rewards you will receive (details at Passive Reward Section)
"It's Tierless" just by simply locking the $STRT token on this platform, you will get access to the Private Pool & be eligible to receive our ultimate "Passive Rewards" based on "Your Share"
Please explore it at our "VIP Space" Calculation Dashboard for more details

Anti Rug System

Our latest mechanism to reduce the number of rug pull projects is to lock the Liquidity of every successful token sale pool with a minimum of 50% for a certain period of time & provide a "Verified Badge" for every project that does KYC and Audits

Passive Rewards

Passive Rewards are only distributed to our VIP members who have locked their $STRT tokens for a certain amount of time and fairly distributed according to the length of time & your share
If you unlock your $STRT prematurely, the rewards will be transferred to other VIP members

STRT Network

STRT Button will connect and share our network, connection, and partner we have with all ecosystems under the STRT Button, such as our VCs / backers, partners, launchpad partners, CEX partners, agencies, KOLs, media, market making, and others cause we believe everyone has their own opportunity to develop and succeed in the Web3 industry
And also we will "Incubate or Accelerate" several well-qualified projects in order to get an "Early Stage" allocation and bring it to VIP members of STRT Button


  • Create Token "Simple Token"
  • Create Token "Advance Token" (burn, mint, pause, blacklist, deflation)
  • Create Token Vesting
  • Create "Instant" Airdrop
  • Create "Reusable" Airdrop
  • Independent Token Sale Pool
  • Create Staking Pool
  • NFT Minter